Selamat Petang Anwar

The most important idea of the IndieWeb is a concept called POSSE or Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. It means that when someone posts an idea, article, photo, comment, etc. it should be done on his own domain/website/blog or whatever you want to call it. Social media platforms are then used to distribute this content to a wider audience.

Therefore those web professionals started or revived their old blogs to build alternative distributed communities that live in parallel to the big corporate platforms. These websites use old and new innovative technologies to provide things we love about social media for distributed personal sites…and of course it’s quite nerdy and fun 🤖.

So today I join the IndieWeb 🥳! I will post all kind of different thoughts on this blog, but you can expect lots of insights into the web and digitalisation in general.